We just had 1 year pictures done and once again words can't describe how happy we are with them!! You were able to keep her focused enough to get your work done, not an easy task mind you!! I am sure they all will be perfect as Olivia's newborn pictures were.  Suzanne you are professional and a very talented photographer.  Andy and I will continue to use you to photograph sweet Olivia as she gets older. 
I hope over time many people will embrace the talent we see in you and use you as their photographer.  Please don't move or go anywhere, or stay close so Olivia can have her senior pictures done. 
Thank you again for capturing the special moments of Olivia's young life!! Can't wait for more!!
Melissa and Andy Mayer



Suzanne did our daughter's 6 month photo shoot. Our photography session was fabulous! Suzanne was so professional, yet fun! I arrived having no idea which outfits I wanted on my daughter and no clue on specific shots I was looking for - I literally walked in with a huge pile of clothes and a bag of accessories! Suzanne was so helpful in offering her thoughts and advice on what would look best in the photos, yet stood back enough to let us design our shoot and have the final say in what we wanted. Not to mention she has rooms FULL of fun baby and kid dress up goodies! SO fun! Another thing that stood out was how relaxed Suzanne was about the whole session. She was so willing to let us break for me to nurse my daughter and just take a moment, which is nice when you have a finicky kiddo! Really, our whole session was wonderful and our end result, the photos, were amazing. Thank you SO much Suzanne! My family loves your work!!



I stumbled upon Suzanne's links in a Facebook group one day and I really like them!  I really did not want to give my money to Walmart anymore than I already do. I love the idea of supporting a fellow stay at home mom that is doing what she is passionate about!  Raising her babies and doing photography.....I could feel that through her work, especially the pictures of her girls.  I didn't really know what to expect on our photo shoot day and was very relieved once I got there.  She was great with my girls and made me feel like they were totally normal 2 1/2 & 4yr old girls.  She made me feel very comfortable and I am so happy that I trusted Suzanne to take my family's photos.  I LOVE looking at our pictures.  I will be contacting Suzanne again in the future.
Thank you,

Jessica Mason



Working with Suzanne was such a pleasure! We had to reschedule the session due to cold, windy weather, and she was so nice about it. She wasn't worried about her schedule getting messed up or any inconvenience to her. She just wanted to make sure we were happy with our pictures. Suzanne was so good with our three boys! She kept it fast moving, and sometimes they didn't even know they were posing for the camera! Everyone looks so comfortable and natural and you can really see our personalities shining through. It was actually fun to get our pictures taken!


Suzanne Francis Photography is great at capturing the essence of children and families! We love her.Amy Haggerty



* I chose to go with Suzanne Francis Photography for a newborn session with my first baby girl. When we first started talking before I met her she was very easy to talk with. What made me definitely decide to go with her was how excited she was about what she does. She amazes me daily when I look back to the pictures I can see as sneak peaks. While my husband and I were there she had the best interest of my baby being comfortable in mind. She has plenty of fun ideas, props and hair accessories for little ones. From beginning to end she was excited for our little family and since she is a mother herself her nurturing instincts show with clients. Great choice we are thoroughly impressed. :)

Emily Ash



Dear Suzanne,
I am writing this to say thank you for the wonderful job you did with the pictures of my daughter Emma. It is rare to find a photographer who really "sees" their subjects and is truly interested in them. When I look at your photographs  it is very evident the heart and soul that goes into each one. You capture the subjects personality and show them in a way that makes even their family take a second look. I watched your slideshow of the birth of your clients baby and it brought tears to my eyes. You showed such respect and sensitivity in each shot that you made it a beautiful thing to watch even when I did not know the people and I did not feel like I was invading someone's privacy. You are a true talent and I am honored to have your photos of my daughter to look at and share for many years to come.
Suzanne Francis is the most amazing photographer! I can list the reasons why over and over again just looking at the photographs she has taken of other people, but Suzanne really blew us away at our family photo session and with our CD of our photos. Her kindness and sensitivity to the fact that our oldest son has Asperser's Syndrome (high functioning autism) and is hard to photograph was way beyond measure. Suzanne asked for boundaries in regards to Nick and was endless in patience when he needed a break. Most photographers we had been to in the past had no tolerance and were watching their clocks even with advanced notice of our situation. Between her sensitivity to my son's needs and her amazing photography skills we have the very first professional photograph of Nick really smiling!! My heart melts ever time I pass his photo on the wall, she really captured who he is in that ONE photo. She took equally beautiful snap shots of both of our other boys but the one that was amazingly over the top was our family photograph!! Suzanne was able to capture a moment in time of our crazy family of 5 in a breathtaking black and white photo the represents each of us as we are and yet together as one. We have now moved 2.5 hours down state but will be making a trip at least once a year to have Suzanne Francis photograph us!! Thank you Suzanne!
So I've had my photos done twice by the wonderful Suzanne Francis. I also have 2 more sections booked. I love her work, Its my everyday family. Shes so natural about it and is just wonderful. I can't say enough wonderful thinks about her work. If your looking to get photos done, please give her a call!!!



Suzanne Francis Photography is the best place to have special memories photographed in Northern Michigan!   I have used Suzanne's services for two separate occasions and I couldn't be more pleased.  Suzanne uses such great creativity in her work, it makes her photos truly stand out.  She did a mini session for my little girls using fabulous props and poses that were simply beautiful!  The photos were " one of a kind" and will be treasured in our lives forever!  Suzanne also spent a day with my family shooting our children's baptism ceremony.  Suzanne was very professional and took the extra time to be very prepared for this unique session. Suzanne captured amazing photos during the ceremony, without being intrusive at all....for the most part, nobody even realized that she was there!  Suzanne travelled with her own props and even had treats to lure the baby into some fabulous shots.  The photos from this very special event have left me almost speechless,
 as Suzanne captured the most amazing moments in our children's lives with the most amazing creative eye!  I, as well as, my family will treasure Suzanne's photographs for many, many years!

Thank You Suzanne Francis Photography
Lisa Ronk



Not only did my 1 year old and I have the best time getting his pictures done, you were so natural with him. It takes a special person to have the patience and know how to photograph toddlers and you are definatly one of them!! Thank you for capturing the memories of my special boy, I look forward to many more sessions. ~ Alaina Farrington